The flexible spacer takes the window megatrend of colour into account and offers more freedom of design.

Even Le Corbusier celebrated polychromy as an architectural stylistic element in the 1930s. Thanks to modern machine technology, accent, contrast and special colours will soon be the new normal in window and facade design, Edgetech, the manufacturer of the flexible Super Spacer®, is convinced. “In this context, coloured spacers can give the edge bond the perfect finish,” explains Vice President International Sales Joachim Stoss.

Grey, in all shades from light grey to anthracite, is one of the most important trend colours in architecture and interior design, but bold colours are also becoming more and more popular. At BAU in Munich, Edgetech will be showing a selection of new colour variants and exemplary glass sample panes in ruby or green. They complement the standard colours Light Grey, Grey, White and Black of the warm-edge pioneer.

Naturally, the general advantages for architects, specifiers and IG manufacturers will also be given a lot of space on the Edgetech stand. In demanding architectural projects, the aesthetics of the edge seal is an important evaluation criteria. Especially with large-format insulating glass units, parallelism and precision are decisive for the quality and appearance of the end products. Thanks to the matt surface and low height, Edgetech spacers made of structural silicone foam are practically invisible.

The automatic application of the flexible Super Spacer® from the roll also supports the goal of maximum flexibility and speed in semi-automatic or fully automatic insulating glass processing. With the help of spacer application robots, the foam-based spacers are placed parallel in the insulating glass line with millimetre precision in seconds and guarantee a flawless, tight edge seal as well as precisely finished corners. Widths between 3.2 and 32mm are available. Furthermore, desiccant residues in the space between the panes are excluded, as the desiccant is already integrated in the Super Spacer® material and does not have to be filled separately, as is the case with hollow rigid spacers bars.


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