Commercial Glazing

The triple edge seal Super Spacer® systems for commercial glazing meet the highest commercial requirements, including structural glazing. Super Spacer® T-Spacer™ Premium Plus is optimised for automated processing and TriSeal™ Premium (Plus) for manual processing, for large-format insulating glass as well as facade glass production.
Colours: Light Grey, Grey, Black, White, Platinum
Available widths: 8.2 to 27.2 mm Heights: 6.3 mm and 7.3 mm

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Insulating Glass Windows

The flexible, foam-based, double edge seal system Super Spacer® Premium (Plus) is the ideal spacer for specialty trade products. It is already has desiccant integrated and has an acrylic adhesive on the side, it reduces the number of processing steps to three and significantly simplifies insulating glass production.
Colours: Light Grey, Grey, White and Black
Available widths: 4 to 25.4 mm
Heights: 4.8 mm and 6.4 mm

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Structural Glazing

Manufacturers of XXL glazing and free-form insulating glass elements for complex structural glazing facades ensure an even more robust edge seal with Super Spacer® systems specially optimized for SG applications. Super Spacer® T-Spacer™ SG is designed for automated processing, TriSeal™ SG for manual processing. Super Spacer® T-Spacer™ Flex was designed as the ultimate spacer bar for shaped sealed unit production.
Colours: Light Grey, Grey, Black
Available widths: 8.2 to 24.2 mm
Heights: 7.3 mm

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The flexible, foam-based Super Spacer® Heritage was specially designed for the requirements of historic preservation and true-to-the-original window restoration. Thanks to its low overall height and discreet surface, the spacer is suitable for all traditional rebate types and blends in with the frame surface.
Colours: White and black
Available widths: 4, 6, and 8 mm
Height: 3 mm

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Super Spacer® Spacer Bar Range

Freely shapeable, with outstanding aesthetics and equally suitable for manual or automated processes – our Super Spacer® Warm Edge spacer bar is versatile like no other. Whether for insulating glass windows, commercial glazing, structural glazing or restoration, the pioneers of warm edge are guaranteed to have the right solution for your area of application.

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What is so special about Super Spacer®?

Edgetech Super Spacer® was introduced in 1989 as the world’s first non-metallic spacer system. The warm edge made of silicone structural foam was a true product revolution that not only supports the design of energy-efficient, thermally insulated building envelopes, but also ensures a comfortable indoor climate.

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Super spacer line

Super Spacer is energy efficient

A double glazed unit with a metallic spacer made of aluminum or stainless steel in the space between the panes loses almost twice as much heat at the transition between the glass and the frame as an insulating glass unit using the Super Spacer® system. This is due to the high thermal conductivity of metallic materials. On cold days, the cold penetrates from the outside to the inside, the surface temperature of the inner pane drops, and condensation can form. Permanent condensation damages the frame and can lead to mould in the long term. In addition, valuable heating energy is lost. An energy-efficient Super Spacer® Warm Edge spacer made of structural foam avoids these thermal bridges.

Comfy and warm during winter Super Spacer® ensures an even temperature distribution on the window panes and keeps the heat inside the building.

Pleasantly cool in the summer Super Spacer® minimises heat exchange at the edges of the window panes and keeps cool air inside.

Super Spacer® Premium (Plus) achieve best values for the length-related heat transfer coefficient ψ of up to 0.028* W/mK, making them among the most energy-efficient spacers on the market. The Psi values of the other Super Spacer® warm edge products also improve the Uw value of an insulating glass compared to a glass with aluminum or stainless steel spacers, depending on the structure and coating of the glass.

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Super Spacer guarantees durability and stability of the insulating glass unit

Super Spacer® is UV-resistant and compatible for use in gas-filled units. The flexible spacer makes the entire edge seal responsive. Therefore, temperature fluctuations over the edge seal are excellently accommodated. This means the risk of breakage of the glass at the sealant edge is minimised.

The durability and resilience of Super Spacer® have been extensively tested. For example, a shear load test with two 6.3 m x 3.21 m, 6 mm thick float glass panels proved the ability to withstand even high shear loads. Super Spacer® TriSeal™ Premium Plus was applied with the pre-applied adhesives only, without a secondary seal. The unit was lifted with vacuum cups on one side only and held for 30 minutes without shifting even a millimeter.

In a hurricane simulator, Super Spacer® TriSeal™ easily withstood a wind speed of 350 kilometers per hour under positive (windward) pressure, and even a wind speed of 395 kilometers per hour under negative (suction) pressure. This is far more than the world’s toughest hurricane test, the Miami-Dade County hurricane impact test, prescribes.

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super spacer diagram-EN

Super Spacer® increases product quality and productivity

The flexible foam matrix of Super Spacer® is exceptionally breathable and incorporates desiccant already to quickly adsorb moisture within the unit. The combination of the spacer bar’s multi-layer vapour barrier and the secondary sealant, protects against moisture entering the unit from the outside and gas loss from the inside. Super Spacer® is supplied on continuous lengths from rolls and is applied manually or automatically precisely along the edge of the glass for simple and efficient manufacturing.

⦁ fast, straight-line application with accurate corner formation

⦁ no bubble formation on surface

⦁ no need for desiccant filling

⦁ no corner angle assembly

⦁ simplifies production of shaped units

⦁ no butyl extrusion on frames

⦁ immediate handling of the units

⦁ no waiting time for curing

⦁ production increase with reduced workforce

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